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  • 920x600 header image
  • 6 custom links
  • 7 boxes

So I’ve decided to post another fansite theme for your use. I put two previews so you can see on first preview how it looks on my other blog (some parts are a bit different than in original coding) and what size the photos are on second preview. Like last time you need to change boxes’ content manually except the members box so you need to know about coding at least a bit. Don’t use this theme if you don’t know about HTML! I always work hard on my themes so please respect that and don’t steal parts from the coding, don’t use as base and don’t delete the credit or move it somewhere. If you have any questions about the theme ask them unanonymously, anon questions will be deleted. If you see that something doesn’t work properly please contact with me. Thanks for using my theme and enjoy! :)

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21 Fast Five Pack -  Iris | Live Preview & Code

Personal theme from July/LMThemes Revamp Theme

  • Two versions: regular layout OR header and/or grid layout
  • 250px, 400px, 500px post sizes
  • Sidebar image: max width - 250px


  • For the header/grid version only 250px Post size = grid layout
  • This is what the contained appearance option means

♥ Please like or reblog if you plan on using this theme.

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About + FAQ #1 by ROBBARYA

Matches this tags page. Instructions in code, if you have any questions go to my ask


  • 4 customizable tabs (about + ask + faq) More can be added
  • 4 navigation links. More can be added
  • All colours are customizable
  • 80x80px icon
  • Infinite space to write. Scrollbar appears when is too long.


  • Don’t claim as your own
  • Don’t remove or move the credit
  • Don’t redistribute
  • Don’t use as a base. You can edit it as much as you like as long as the credit remains untouched.

Preview | Code

Please reblog/like if you use ♥ Thank you

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Accioloki’s third theme pack!

So I haven’t been on tumblr much lately because of uni and stuff so to make it up to you guys, here’s a theme pack :)


  1. Please don’t move, remove or alter the credit
  2. Please don’t redistribute as your own or take snippets from this
  3. Edit away! but please don’t use it as a base code
  4. I think that’s everything, enjoy! if you have any questions, just ask me and I’ll help you!:D

Theme 24: {live preview} + {code(wait 5 seconds and click skip ad)

  • up to 5 custom links
  • 500px or 400px post size
  • sidebar image needs to be 100x160px or equivalent
  • hover on title to reveal description
  • on scroll, sidebar will appear
  • updates tab is optional - turned on on tumblr.com/customize
  • find INSERT UPDATES HERE and underneath is where you put your updates
  • hover on post to see info
  • to see the permalink, click the permalink link in the info

Theme 25: {live preview} + {code(wait 5 seconds and click skip ad)

  • up to 6 custom links
  • 500px or 400px post size
  • sidebar image must be 400x250px
  • hover on ‘un’ to show description
  • hover on ‘deux’ to show links
  • hover on ‘trois’ to show the askbox
  • if you want to change the french words (i don’t even know why i used them) just look for them in the code
  • THIS IS IMPORTANT! for the askbox to work, find ‘YOUR URL’ and put your url there. Eg. accioloki

Tags Page 3: {live preview} + {code(wait 5 seconds and click skip ad)

  • there are for columns and you can put however many sections in each.
  • the height of your images don’t need to be equal
  • images are clickable and leads to your main tag
  • hovering on images shows tags 
  • if you want to change the colour of the title, links etc, go through the code and everything should be labelled
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[Dera theme]  — live preview (temporary) | static preview

  • 250/400/500px posts
  • theme comes with header
  • (when page is scrolled, header will move from it’s original position and change colors)
  • pagination/endless scrolling option
  • show caption, post fade, grayscale, padding, border around posts option
  • description appears on hover
  • 6 custom links
  • tags/date/notes/sources appear on index page

Color palette Header image inspiration

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Theme 21: Quadchrome

➥ Ver 1 [ preview and code➥ Ver 2 [ preview and code ]


  • Up to 9 Additional Links
  • 500px or 250px posts option.
    • Version one: 500px = 2 columns, 250px = 4 columns
    • Version two: 500px = 1 column, 250px = 2 columns
  • Hide/Show Captions Option.
  • Option for fading images.
  • The dots after the post date are links for permalink, reblog, and notes.
  • Images:
  • Version one: 1 100x100px icon.
  • Version two: 1 100x100px icon and 430px wide sidebar image.


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psd11 ((screencaps psd)) @szkins

  • i’m completely in love with this psd because it fits in everything, so please, don’t repost as your own and like/reblog if u download, try to be honest; dl.
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Psd for almost everything by artjunkpsds

  • works with: gifs, screencaps and some pics
  • contains: layers for dark scenes
  • + samples: 01 02 03 04
  • like or reblog if you download
  • Download {deviantart}
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Theme #01 by meanwolfs

Static Preview // Pastebin

  • 500px posts
  • 245px sidebar
  • 5 custom links
  • Sidebar Image is the home button 

Like/Reblog if using & don’t remove the credit.

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Get to know me meme

inspired by x you can make gifset/art/graphics with it whatever

[5] favorite movies

[5] favorite tv shows

[5] favorite female characters

[5] favorite male characters

[5] favorite relationships

[5] favorite actors

[5] favorite actresses

[5] favourite episodes

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